Flea dirt – You know it’s not really dirt, right?

A poo by any other name would smell as sweet

The classic children’s book, “Everyone Poops” teaches about bodily functions, and the truth about poop. It is true that every living being does poop, and when there’s flea poop in fur, it’s sign they’ve made a home out of your pet.  Flea dirt is the common name for flea feces. Knowing how to spot the signs of fleas is important for establishing an eradication plan of the unwanted pests.

Flea droppings prove beyond doubt that there are fleas in the house. Fleas are parasites that consume blood from a host animal so dried blood is the main part of their fecal matter.  The fleas digest the blood from the host animals and then defecate on them.  HOW RUDE!  They leave a trail of dung which can be difficult to spot.

Flea dirt looks like dandruff only black, some say it closely resembles black pepper. Small black clumps flea dirtare difficult to spot in dark fur. The best place to look for flea droppings is the stomach area. Black specks will show up clearly against the exposed area of the stomach.

A pet will scratch from flea bites, but to be sure that it is fleas causing the irritation, look for the flea dirt. When grooming a pet make sure to carefully inspect the underside of the animal. Fingers, or a small comb will aid in the search for flea poop. The fecal matter will be in several small clumps. Although you could be seeing the evidence of an old flea problem, droppings are a strong indication that there’s a problem now. Bites on people are also a testimony of these pesky little creatures. Flea dirt is still the best indicator that fleas are feasting on the blood of pets and people.

A simple test will determine if the black speckles are flea droppings, or just plain dirt. Pick out a few of the flakes and place them on a damp paper towel. The specks will spread out like a small blood stain if flea dirt testthey are byproducts of fleas. Blood is a positive sign that fleas are inhabiting the pets, and the home.

Fleas are unwanted guests that can pose a health risk for pets and humans. The best way to eliminate these nasty creatures is to hire a professional exterminator. A rigid vacuuming regime along with what the exterminator provides will ensure that fleas do not return. Identifying the existence of fleas is the first step in eliminating them.

A group of flea droppings is evidence of more than one bug. These nuisances rarely come in small numbers. Several fleas can inhabit a single pet, wreaking havoc on the house and all those living in it. Early detection, along with the right treatment can minimize the damage caused by fleas. Searching for flea dirt and other evidence of their presence should be a part of the daily routine in the care of pets. Everyone poops, but when fleas poop it is no laughing matter.

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